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q is for quail

I'm back. Phew. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday! I enjoyed turkey and all the fixin's in Connecticut this year. Niko was lucky enough to spend some time with BOTH of his great-grandmothers, and I was lucky enough to have two aunties, two grandparents and a partridge and a pear tree to help me look after the little squeaker. We had a wonderful time!
First off this week are some beautiful, vintage inspired bridesmaid's dresses from Quail. They specialize in custom colors and fashion forward dresses (sounds good to me!). I love the ruffled top "Peony Dress", especially on a group of slender chicks... tres chic!


Holly on 4:42 PM

I'm so in love with the turquoise dress and that black bow I can't even begin! The cut is fantastic. The poofy, mid-thigh cut isn't used enough. It's so 1950's.

Pencils on 10:08 AM

Both are cute, but I think they're both too short for bridesmaid dresses. Dresses that short in that kind of cut don't look good on anyone who isn't a slender teenager, or someone in their twenties who channels that sort of thing.

Savoir Weddings on 4:52 PM

For girls with the figures these dresses are amazing and it's so good to see bridesmaids dresses with a little less length and a little more leg!