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awesome wedding gowns under $1000?

Yup. In a world where a white gown from J. Crew can cost $2200 and "call for pricing" means "If you have to ask, you can't afford it", it's refreshing to see gowns under $1000 with so much style and grace. I'm a sucker for those Grecian inspired details. From Saja, here for the details.


Emilia Jane on 2:45 PM

These dresses are like a dream. They are so light and soft!

gina on 2:50 PM

I can't believe how beautiful they are! I thought for sure they would look like they were under $1000.

Bridal Magazine Editor on 5:27 PM

A simple way to get a designer gown under $1000 is to buy a white, ready-to-wear designer frock. Designers hate it (they don't like to be seen as the 'cheap wedding dress' alternative), but magazines love it: they give their readers a gorgeous dress to look at without the hefty price tag!

Rescy on 3:22 PM

These dresses are very beautiful,A simple and very simple designer