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gurly girl

These really jumped off the Etsy page this morning! I can imagine passing one of these handmade silver and bronze hair combs thru the generations, they seem that well made. I love the simple silver leaves, they'd be perfect for all those woodland themed weddings everyone seems to be planning! Handmade in New Orleans by Monique Leon of Gurly Girl.


Amy Jo on 4:24 PM

I wish I had long hair just so I could buy some of these....Love, love, love them!! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous on 6:02 PM

oh, so pretty!

TurabianNights on 6:38 PM

I wore the top set at my wedding - they are indeed fabulous! on 7:32 PM

I can't believe these are hand-made! They've got that old antique feel to them. Love it!

andrea on 8:04 PM

Very beautiful!

A. Marigold on 8:23 PM

Oh, those are darling!

Bryan@Wedding invitations on 12:36 AM

Wooooo!!!Mind blowing hair accessories...Wanna buy all of them:)

style-for-style on 4:24 PM

soooo beautiful, but soooo expensive.

Katie on 12:18 PM

Sooo gorgeous! I really wish they weren't so expensive!

shopPOPKO on 3:20 PM

oh how exciting! I just came across this- my big sister made these! I have to call her she will be so happy. Yes they are totally handmade, shes been a metalsmith for 20 years and shes pretty darn good! she even made my wedding rings!

The Best Wedding Blog Ever on 3:02 PM

Oh.My.Goodness! Love, love and love these! Etsy is genius and so are all these vintage hairpieces. A double kudos to all involved :)