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carol hannah

I was a little surprised to run across Carol Hannah this morning on my daily stroll thru the Etsy Wedding section. A little piece of primetime pop-culture, right there... just like any other listing. I clicked on the dress before I realized who's work it was, but sure enough, it's THE Carol Hannah of Project Runway. I guess it speaks highly of her work that I would be drawn to it even without knowing who made it. I love the flouncy details and the construction looks amazing. Her wedding gowns are priced a little out of my league, but her bridesmaid's dresses are very reasonable not to mention different and I'm willing to bet, very flattering.


Brittany Allen on 3:33 PM

These dresses are beautiful! I love the dark pink dress! This would be lovely on a bridesmaid during the Spring season!

Way to go Carol Hannah of Project Runway!


Merci New York on 4:20 PM

Great draping and design accents. So funny that you found it on Etsy!

Candace & Eddy on 6:50 PM

I keep seeing that light pink dress on different peoples blogs and I want it soooooooo bad! She's got great style!

Becky on 9:17 PM

I looked at her dresses weeks ago before I'd caught up on my Project Runway episodes. Didn't even put it together. Great stuff!

Ann@ccì on 9:36 AM

Beautiful the second dress...
it is perfect for my summer wedding...
kisses from Italy

Pink Tulip on 1:01 PM

She is definitely my favorite the designer from the last season. Her personality and genuine soul are admired through her collection. She is the true winner.

Mauryn on 11:35 AM

I love the grecian feel of's so romantic and perfet for the whole bridal thing :)

I LOVE YOU on 10:05 AM


geris on 12:45 PM

lindo maravilhoso