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on the cuff

Nothing brings a Monday to life like the discovery of a whole new genre of wedding accessory. For those seeking an opulent, glam-punk, ultra-feminine vibe, behold the cuff! I love the vaguely 80's flavor of this one in particular, but Boutique Bonheur's other pieces range from dainty antique lace fit for a Czarina to highly detailed, embroidered works of art that would be right at home on the wrists of Marie Antoinette.
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anne-marie on 9:48 PM

I love this little cuff. It's so stylish and so playful. Really great find!

Mauryn on 2:46 PM

very cool, I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing :) on 6:42 PM

Ah! Her whole shop is fabulous!
It puts me in such a mood for dressing up and romance. Thanks for sharing!