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short story

I was helping my sister shop for a fabulous dress last week when I found this. Wouldn't it be fabulous for a casual wedding? I love the pleat detailing.
In other news, we had a smashing weekend with our friends from Brooklyn. They only meant to stay one night on their way home to Vermont for Christmas, but got snowed in and couldn't leave. It was fantastic. Thanks, Mother Nature!
See below for more short dress fabulosity, this time with 100% more feathers! Equally as wonderful, perhaps for a more flamboyant affair. Both from Nordstrom's.



Lara on 12:56 PM

i've been eying that top bcbg number for my "LWD" costume change mid-reception. it's a stunner!

Gina on 2:38 PM

I love them both! I ended up going with a short dress (cocktail length, so not quite as short per the fiance's request). The one with the feathers is my favorite!

Deirdre Gill on 11:06 PM

:)Fun times!

Katie on 8:50 AM

Holy moly, that first dress is to DIE for!

e on 11:45 PM

that first dress is perfection!!

Primary Work at Home on 10:48 AM

First dress is so perfect.

LandersGreen Photography on 3:30 PM

That first dress is perfect! I'm in love.

brittni: papernstitch on 6:48 PM

Ah! That first dress was EXACTLY what I was looking for when I got married last year. Wish it would have existed than...beautiful!

Charlotte Wedding Photographer on 10:36 AM

Love the feathers on the second dress, so beautiful and fun!

I LOVE YOU on 10:04 AM