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leah c sale!

Leah C, queen of New York millinery is having a big sale today thru Saturday if you are in the area and have a minute to pop by. Veils, hair accessories and hats are all less than $100, so you could get an amazing deal! You might even find something smashing to wear New Year's Eve!


Amber on 4:33 PM

What about those dresses? Am I the only one that is drooling?

Anonymous on 5:00 PM

I looooooove that yellow dress!!

vanessa on 12:31 PM

I'm slobbering over those amazing dresses!!

Kim on 1:04 PM

Yes I agree where are the dresses from? They are gorgeous!!!

Mauryn on 11:33 AM

I am loving the use of color in these pieces, and yes, I agree that the dresses are quite the stunners as well.