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Thankful for a healthy baby.
Thankful that one of the new designs I just got back from the printer looks awesome (I tried something new and was sweatin it a little).
Thankful for everyone who has offered to help us with dishes, dinner, laundry and life in the last 2 months.
Thankful for the people who read my blog :)
Thankful for my family, all of them (Law's and in-Law's)
Thankful for the 7 un-interrupted hours of sleep I got last night. Glory, Hallelujah.

Anyone else care to share?


Marian on 12:35 AM

Aw, so much to be thankful for...especially that 7 hours of sleep. I'll add one to my list...thankful for the food that will be on the table tomorrow..and shortly in my tummy. nom nom nom

Have a happy Thanksgiving

tbigs on 12:47 PM

So thankful this blog exsits - and that it is still relevant to my life long after my wedding is over and gone!

Rebecca on 2:57 PM

congrats! what a beautiful bambino!

claire on 9:14 AM

I am thankful to you and your blog! I check it everyday even though my wedding is a thing of the past!

Pencils on 12:18 PM

He is a beautiful baby.

I'm thankful for my healthy baby, and for my healthy husband, who is the love of my life. And I'm thankful I have a job I enjoy that allows me to pay my bills.

Nicole-Lynn on 11:01 AM

What a cutie!

christine@modern romance on 10:12 PM

Oh my gosh he's gorgeous!!