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experimanicure, update

So my experimanicure had an up side and a down side. The manicure looked absolutely flawless for about a week and a half. At that point, it started to look a little grown out at the nail bed, (I had some serious half-moons going on). I also noticed that the polish started to get a little soft around the edges, where previously it had been rock solid. It seemed to be almost melting, but not in a gross way. I ended up picking at it slightly, and the varnish just peeled off in one piece. This is both good and bad. It didn't last as long as I expected, but on the other hand, I didn't have to return to the salon to have it removed which I was expecting to have to do. It was also starting to look weird because it was grown out, and I didn't really want it on there anymore anyway. I would make sure next time that I asked the technician to get as close to the nail bed as she could with the polish to make it last that much longer, and I would choose a lighter color so that the half moons were less noticeable.
SO, that being said. I would do it again. It looked super for a week and half, which is like 4 times longer than my manicures usually last. All in all, I think that this kind of manicure will totally replace the regular kind for me. It's just a better deal!


Justine on 12:30 PM

Thanks for the update! Seems to be a worthwhile manicure, especially for those getting married. I will definitely look into it.

Anonymous on 10:57 PM

Barielle manicure extender! Makes any polish rock hard, and makes manis last seriously forever. Just paint it on daily (maybe start a week or so after the manicure, when it hasn't chipped yet but might soon?)

It's a bit pricey, but I mean, think of the price of a manicure.

rebecca on 4:25 PM

I used the same thing a few months ago and went with a pale, neutral color. I made it over 2 weeks before the growth started looking a little weird. I had the same experience with the edges getting soft, or seeming to bubble up and away from the nail a little bit.
At almost 3 weeks I went in to have it taken off and reapplied.
After the 2nd time around, I noticed that when the polish was off, my nails were starting to look damaged. They thinned (I think from the removal process) and just looked a little sad, like they needed a break. I love the manicure and say go for it for special occassions because it really will last, but I'd recommend letting your nails recover in between manicures for a little while.

Mitiko on 11:41 AM

I just got it done for my wedding a week and a half ago. It was fantastic, I got married in Bermuda and it lasted through the beach and sun and sand and my incessant picking. But towards the end of my trip after the wedding it started to chip a little on the sides and snag my clothing. I ended up peeling the whole thing off every nail, and that wrecked my nails. Be sure to try to behave yourself with this manicure, NOTHING is indestructible. (and p.s. they say the can do french manicures but I got it done and it looked nice from a distance but up close a little weird, like a bump where the white was, pretty chunky)