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summer face

It is so hot here. So hot. I normally have fun with my makeup in the morning - eye liner and I have a history of good times together - but lately it's been all about making my skin look nice without using anything unecessary. Nothing worse than makeup sliding around on your face on a hot day!
I've found a couple great products recently (mainly from watching Pixiwoo) that work perfectly for hot weather and that I have been absolutely loving.
1) Makeup Forever HD Concealer. Looks so natural on, stays on.
2) Hoola bronzer. I try to get as little sun as possible on my face, but I really don't dig the vampire look. Bronzer is my friend. This stuff is awesome because it's got no shine to it and it's super sheer. It's the most natural looking bronzer I've ever tried.
3) Pixi Lip Blush. I really hate it when I'm driving with the windows down and my hair gets stuck in my lip gloss. This Lip "blush" is exactly like a magic marker for your lips. Not sticky, not drying, and stains your lips a delightfully natural shade for a few hours. Really great for summer. I have this in Purity, and would highly recommend it.
Anyone else have hot weather recommends? I'd love to hear them, and I'm sure the summer brides out there would be greatful! Stay cool everybody!


Dynamite Weddings on 12:07 PM

LOVE those lipglosses!

lara on 12:58 PM

great post! in summer i switch from a powder foundation to a tinted moisturizer which i apply with a stippling brush (just concentrated on the parts where my skin needs it)

Posh Play on 3:10 PM

Cool ideas!

Tüp Bebek tedavisi on 6:26 AM

was an article I liked. Thanks for sharing....

dust and tiff on 1:20 AM

Totally went and bought the lip stain after your endorsement, and I love it!
Purity is the perfect shade, and it lasts!



Amber on 1:53 PM

I've been using the Sonia Kashuk sheer cheek tint from Target all summer and it's amazing. The color stays on and is impossible to sweat off.

Cance on 3:22 AM

i second benefit's hoola bronzer. it's gorgeous and wonderful. i started using it when i lived in alaska and got no sun, and still use it now, living in hawaii. great as an eye shadow in a pinch.
i'll definitely have to check out your other picks as well. a non sticky lip stain? fabulous.