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These made me smile this morning. They'd be adorable as simple centerpieces at an outdoor wedding. All from Urban Outfitters. All very nicely priced. Via Oh, Happy Day!


Cat on 11:56 AM

Love the simple, sweet prettiness of these centerpieces. They made me smile too :)

the joielala girls on 11:11 PM

we were just drooling over these the other day! I want to put them all over the house

Dynamite Weddings on 4:23 PM

These are all simple and fresh! Just like clean laundry on a Sunday afternoon... =)

Melissa on 11:00 PM

I love the vase ideas. For an extra touch of color you could color the water and use blooms that take on the color of the water.

Anonymous on 8:22 PM

Thanks for the inspiration pics. Just last week, I bought most of the milk glass in Rhode Island thrift shops (so it felt, anyway!) and plan to group three, four or five vessels together on each table for centerpieces at my October wedding.

5 Star Weddings on 11:10 AM

Just perfect for a vintage inspired wedding.

Anonymous on 1:58 PM

I love this; this could go with any color scheme too. great idea

Melissa Blake on 10:36 AM


Name Tags on 10:57 AM

Make you smile is right. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing, a great way to start off a Monday Morning. on 4:10 PM

Love these flower vase finds!

Home Furnishing on 6:12 AM

Lovely vases, but why only wedding they will look fantastic in your home too.