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by candle light

These waldorf star lanterns would be adorable in different sizes running down the center of a long table or as part of an assymetrical centerpiece. Maybe best with LED lights rather than candles? The floating acorn cap candles were just too cute to pass up. Both items from Green Baboon.


Giggles on 11:58 AM

I love candles. But these have taken that love to a new level!

Lauren on 12:21 PM

oh, I just love both of these! thanks for sharing. the star lanterns remind me of origami.

Dynamite Weddings on 12:21 PM

Candle light makes everyone look pretty!

Anonymous on 4:54 PM

i love these acron candles! they were a special symbol for my university. i'll be putting up a link for these on my site too!

cheers, kate

ThrilledForYou on 4:28 PM

Why are candles always so charming and romantic!?