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love buttons

Are you especially bookish? Are you in need of wedding favors? This idea's for you! These adorable little buttons are made from an old dictionary, all featuring a different romantic word. Such an awesome idea, from Button Empire.


Kim @ Frost Me! on 12:45 PM

these would be great for a book club party!

Kim @
party inspiration

F & S @ sanebrideadvice on 12:59 PM

How inspirational! I love : )

andré blais on 9:08 AM

Too cute!!

Andre @ Wedding Photographer

Lindsay on 10:40 AM

funnily enough my friends and i have a book club and i agree - these would be perfect for our next get-together. last time i got customized bookmarks from
for it, but i think this time around i can't NOT look into something that adorable.

Catherine on 2:49 PM

Great buttons.