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white dresser

Love the ethereal beauty of these headbands from White Dresser. So sweet!


wedding chair covers on 12:08 PM

Those are very cute headbands.

lady elle on 12:42 PM

you totally beat me to featuring her! I am already getting my next order together (just got some things from her recently) and wearing some of her earrings right now! she is such a sweetheart, too!

Hillary on 5:17 PM

oh my goodness! i just started working with her on a belt for my wedding dress and i am SO excited!

Shannon on 10:39 AM

I love these. I've been looking for the right hair piece to go with my vintage dress. Perhaps something like this...

Jessica Lords on 6:13 PM

She reminds me of Princess Buttercup from the Princess Bride. Just does.