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Things, as you can imagine, have been pretty crazy around here since last weekend. We are home from the hospital now, and Niko is doing very, very well. I'm pooped most of the time, but so happy to have him home and so lucky to have a bunch of my family members around to help. I'm slowly getting back to my work, a little piece at a time and it feels good to blog again!
I went on my first trip out without the baby this afternoon, and my sister and I saw the cutest little hair pins at this shop called Frog and Toad in Providence that I'm totally addicted to. When I got home, I was inspired to find more adorable hair pins to dress up my otherwise very plain hair-do. These delicateporcelain doves were my favorites of the search, from a little shop called Revisions. I just might get myself some as a little present, and if I'm going to have the hair pin, I might as well also have the necklace, no?


Teresa on 6:34 PM

Love that hairpin and congrats on the baby!

Amy Jo on 7:31 AM

I'm glad your home and both you and the baby are doing well!

Love the hairpin...I just might have to buy me one (or two).

Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique on 8:47 AM

These are lovely, haven't seen them in porcelain!
Have a fabulous day!

Leslie on 11:55 PM

I just love the sash! you can always find cool things on etsy!