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sweet pleats

I love the pleated shape of these bags! They'd be adorable as bridesmaid's gifts for an informal, outdoor affair. From Gracey.


Eliana@BYSE on 12:38 PM

I just love the pleats!

Michele on 2:56 PM

These are adorable! Very fun find!

Kirby on 12:09 PM

So cute! I want one!

Chocolate Butterbean on 1:21 PM

Those are precious!

mas at on 7:02 PM

I love those two purses/clutches. adorable!

Michelle Guzman Photographers on 9:09 PM

Super cute bags!!!!

Suzanne on 7:13 PM

These are fabulous! I've never seen anything like them!

Anonymous on 6:07 AM

I never use a clutch but I would love one of these!