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orange and gold

Alison emailed me the other day asking about orange shoes, and I immediately thought of J. Crew's selection of colorful pumps. I thought someone else might be interested in these for fall, they'd be perfect under an ivory gown!


Carley on 3:40 PM

Your blog is wonderful! I have been visiting for several years just to see so much prettiness and wonderfulness. The nursery is adorable!! Congrats!
Also, I am a fan of this jewelry out of BC and see that they now do neat wedding party jewelery! Just thought it might be of interest :)

jocelyn on 11:22 PM

i wore the top left pumps in gold for my wedding this summer and i loved them :) i love all of J Crew's wedding stuff!

Pencils on 9:16 AM

Still here? Is your OB going to induce you when you hit a certain point?

Love the orange & gold shoes--J.Crew always has great shoes. I just wish they made more lower and kitten heels. Or maybe I don't, they're not inexpensive and then I'd be tempted to buy more!

KS on 10:47 AM

I have been wanting a pair of yellow shoes forever!!!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful ideas :)

kristin on 4:29 PM

Mackenzie- Congrats! I'm guessing the lack of posts is a sign that you're busy with your new baby!

!Tb0n3! on 4:31 PM

I have something like the last pair but in a light gold color and they are super comfy! Love J. Crew Shoes!

Deardeedle on 1:18 PM

oooh! I hope the reason this post is the latest but from Wednesday is that there's a new little baby in your arms! Hoping for the best for you!!!

The Memory Journalists on 3:39 PM

Love this post! Yay, color!

Shannon on 2:04 PM

I want those first orange shoes! But then I realized they were from J. Crew. I have a very conservative budget of $40 for wedding shoes. Oh well.

Suzanne on 11:27 PM

oooohhhh, i love these orange shoes!