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feeling crafty?

Still no baby! Now, please excuse me while I try and go about my day as if I weren't 6 days past due.
These beautiful antique monograms caught my eye, and I thought they'd make a really nice addition to a bouquet or a bridal hanky. If you were feeling crafty, that is...


Asma on 3:27 PM

Don't worry about being 6 days overdue. I just had my baby 5 1/2 weeks ago. I was overdue just like you by well over a week. It's pretty normal. If you can dodge being induced I'd recommend that, as I regret being induced a little since the odds of having a c-section rise, but I definitely am happy that my baby boy came into my life and wouldn't change a thing. Good luck on your new addition and congrats!

Anonymous on 7:19 PM

Try eating eggplant parmesan, I've heard it induces labor. Best of luck to you and baby!

-Savannah in Atlanta

Pencils on 9:38 AM

I have a set of my initial, on the original beautiful blue art nouveau card printed in gold--I've been meaning to get it framed as is, but it's one of those things that keeps falling by the wayside. I wonder if they also sell the original cards?

I was a week overdue myself last year (I got induced.) I don't have any advice on how to get things going, but just remember that you WILL have this baby--I know when you're that late you start to wonder if it's ever going to happen. But that little guy is going to be born, and it will be soon. Good luck!

Anonymous on 6:07 PM

Wow... that's amazing!

MoralesVilanova on 6:08 PM

Wow! That's absolutely amazing!
Love it!

Michelle Guzman Photographers on 9:10 PM

These are cute!

Tim & MyLyn Wood on 2:23 PM

I feel your pain, sister! But once you have him it will feel like he's always been there. :-) At this point in my pregnancy (my son is 5 months) nothing anyone said could cheer me up but it all passed as soon as I heard him cry. :-)
Congratulations, I'm sure he'll be utterly adorable. :-)

Annie on 11:56 PM

these are amazing! what a wonderful addition these would be to a vintage style wedding!