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day one

It's just any other Monday for everyone else, but for me, it's like the first day of work at a new job. While the actual work I'm doing is the same, I have this little, squirmy bundled person to take with me (luckily, I work from home). What if he cries when the phone rings? What if I can't get my work finished? What if his diaper explodes while I'm on the phone with Martha Stewart? (ha. I wish I was on the phone with Martha Stewart) I am loaded with questions at this point, none of which I will know the answers to until I've jumped in and just DONE it. I am 10 days into mommyhood but in almost every way it still feels like the first day. I'm learning this new job on the fly, no training wheels!
Let's get the party started, shall we? I started my morning, as usual, with a little visit to Etsy. The lovely stylings of Icing 101 caught my eye, especially that gorgeous sash. What amazing way to accentuate a tiny waist! Sigh.... a tiny waist.


Lehua on 11:30 AM

how exciting@ good luck with the new baby!

Becca on 3:06 PM

oh these are so pretty!!! (and love the tiny waist comment - just so true. but come on 10 days?! of course your waist isnt tiny - mine just turned a year and i know my waist isnt haha -- oh and congrats!)

Ms. Matrimony:-) on 5:11 PM

SO pretty, I agree!!! Love them! Good luck with your new bundle of joy. It is sometimes a challenge to take care of baby and be "self employed" (or work from home) but if you LOVE what you do it can be very rewarding!! You will find a way to make it work. Every day is an adventure. Best wishes!!! I enjoy your blog:-)

tnnieves on 8:00 PM

Good luck and congrats! I started reading your blog a little less than a month ago and LOVE it! Thank you for all the visual goodies and the ideas you've provided for my wedding :)

ashleigh on 9:23 PM

oh the mommy thing will work itself out! dont worry it comes naturally! and when the diaper does explode (because it will explode) you'll know what to do... even if martha's on the phone! :D good luck!! and i love all the wedding ideas!

SomethingBlue on 10:37 PM

love this post! good luck with your new bundle of joy, he is just beautiful!

replica uhren on 12:29 AM

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