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time to kill

Auto rings
Dell's off for the week taking care of business, and I'm here in our apartment, all by myself. I feel like I should stay up late and paint my toenails or something. Maybe throw myself into Steel Magnolias and eat cookie dough out of that sausage casing it comes in, maybe slap on a seaweed mask... I'm not even sure where to begin. I have 5 days to kill, so I guess I can do all those things and more. Suggestions? What to you do when you're SO is out of town? Anything special?
I started the evening off with a little internet browsing, and found these adorable rings from Auto. I love the Princess Ring by St. Kilda on the left. Unique, precious, affordable, all the things I like in rings.


Darci on 9:17 PM

Hi Mackenzie! My finace was out of town for a few days last week, and during that time I took a bubble bath complete with a good book and a glass of wine, painted my toes, and watched Father of the Bride for the 4,000th time :) Enjoy your week!

Deirdre Gill on 10:55 PM

I'd have a pillow fight with the girl next door then eat my weight in foods that have peanut butter. Have fun!

Blue Orchid Designs on 12:49 AM

ditto to the long bubble bath with a glass of wine. seriously therapeutic. :)

Rachelle on 2:08 AM

The first night that he leaves I bake loaf of banana bread and eat only the top of it for dinner, along with a bottle of wine and a stack of magazines. Rinse and repeat until he comes back, lol.

roshbosh: proper noun on 12:41 PM

HI Mackenzie! My SO travels quite a bit and while I miss him terribly while he's away, I always look forward to my "me, myself, and I" nights. I get a big loaf of bread, some great cheese, a good bottle of wine, coffee ice cream out of the tub for dessert, and watch girly tv shows and movies I've tivo-ed. Well, that and I like to pull out all of my make-up and play dress-up!

Lynn on 1:13 PM

I go to the store and stock up on frozen dinners (because cooking for one is depressing) and magazines. I set up my laptop to play movies so I can watch my favorites while I'm in bed. No make up, no curling irons, and the pj pants stay on 24/7. I also get a few of those frozen pies that come with just two pieces at a time so I don't feel like I ate a whole pie in just a few days. Naturally, a DIY mani/pedi is a must, as are extra long showers.