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let there be height

brian atwood
Brian Atwood makes some awesome shoes. A lot of them are perfect for a bride looking for a little extra height, and maybe a little splash of color and sparkle too. His looks are kind of attention getting without being trashy. One of my favorites is the one above, mostly because it's not something you see everyday, it also comes in blue.


Nycib2 on 12:04 PM

So sad I can't walk in anything higher than one and half inches.

Kellie on 12:38 PM

Wow- that shoe is amazing. I am now a buyer of Brian Atwood shoes. I love the bling. Best Regards-
Kellie McDonald

Matrimony Inc. on 2:02 PM

This is a gorgeous shoe. I can't wait to visit the website and see the entire collection. I have to add it to our blog.

Faire La Fete Productions on 3:38 PM
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Faire La Fete Productions on 3:39 PM

Those are yummy! We'd like to feature those on our blog.

Blue Orchid Designs on 4:38 AM

Love them!

JustAnotherDay on 8:27 PM

omg, the perfect blue bridal shoe i am looking for! GORGEOUS! too bad they are ridiculously expensive!

great site!

Amanda Lauren on 4:40 PM

My sister has those!

ClosetCase on 6:10 PM

Where did you find those??? I NEED them!

Anonymous on 2:09 PM

Where can I purchase these shoes?! I can not find them on his website..looking for shoes like these.

Do you know the height of the heel?

Please let me know where to find them! Thanks