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big, big news.

I know that posting hasn't been as regular as usual lately. This is mainly due to the fact that Dell and I have been searching for our first house... (pause for dramatic effect) WE FOUND IT! Since both of us work for ourselves in internet based businesses we had the unique luxury of living where ever we want. We didn't really want to leave New York per se, but in order to afford more space it had to be done. We ended up doing a lot of house hunting in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is closer to my family and still cheaper than Boston. It's also a very charming city. On our first visit there both Dell and I were shocked by how charming... cobblestone streets, great restaurants and pedestrian friendly neighborhoods to name a few pluses. We ended up finding a beautiful 1930's home in the heart of the Providence's East Side. I can't tell you how excited we both are about moving into our first house together. Our tiny apartment was a wonderful home to us for the last 5 years, but it's time to GO! Leaving our friends behind is going to be the hardest part of this venture by far, and I'm still not quite sure how I'll deal. We're going to Providence to close on the house this week. Posting may be a little sparse until the beginning of next week, but I'll be back for sure on Monday.
I couldn't imagine finding a house and planning a move in tandem with planning a wedding. I salute all of you who try it, although how you pull it off is totally beyond me. Magical powers?


B&B on 11:46 AM

congratulations!!! providence is a really nice place to live and the location is perfect. my famiy lives in MA but we end up going to providence more than boston just because it's so lovely down there. you're moving just in time to take advantage of the impending autumn foliage. providence is gorgeous in the fall and come winter, all the trees will be stripped of their leaves and from a distance, it's almost unreal - a hill of boxy colonials nestled among tall white birch trees. just thinking about it makes me nostalgic for new england! good luck! and congrats again!

Blue Orchid Designs on 3:21 PM

that is so awesome!! congrats! :)

Bee on 3:29 PM

Congrats mackenzie!!! What a charming house - the area sounds just wonderful. We shall miss you here in nyc!

mo on 6:25 PM

for you and Dell.
Remember, you are just a train-ride away from NYC.

What an exciting time for you.
BTW, nice interview on blue orchid!

The Bruels in CO on 7:05 PM

Kenz and Dell: congrats on your very first house! It is absolutely beautiful. We miss you guys! You know we're leaving for Australia on September 6th, right? For a year? Write us, OK?


Deb and Glen

Anonymous on 8:27 PM

I'm a regular reader but not a regular poster. I just had to say congrats! I live in Boston but Providence is wonderful. You'll love it!

Grace on 10:10 PM

Congrats Mackenzie!! We are so excited for you and your husband!! We have been to Providence once and we both loved it there!! Not that I don't like New York, but you'll definitely have the quality of life in Providence!! Congrats!!!

My on 11:08 PM

Congratulations, it is beautiful...

Laura on 12:58 AM

Congratulations!! The house looks beautiful on the outside and I'm sure you'll make it beautiful on the inside. Best of luck w/ the move~ I spent 4 wonderful years there and would go back there in a second if I could!

Mi Casa Es Su Casa on 3:27 AM

Wow, nice! Congratulations on the 1st house. It's beautiful! I hope it will happen for me and my husband next year.

Jenn on 8:11 AM

Congratulations! The house is beautiful!

In fact, we have been trying to do both (wedding planning and house buying) at the same time. My condo is under contract and closing in three weeks, and we've yet to find a house (somehow, life intervenes). So, we're shifting gears and planning to rent for a few months. We'll start up the house hunt again after the wedding (January). It's just too much!

Deirdre Gill on 8:47 AM

Your neighbors, especially the fury one, are going to really miss you guys.

KRS on 11:18 AM

That is adorable! I would love to move to the East Coast, it's so beautiful there. Congratulations!

Yujai on 4:29 PM

Congratulations! I am sure you will have fun on decorating the house :D

Anonymous on 7:17 PM

What a beautiful house! I grew up in Newport which is a great beach getaway too (wink)...

Lynn on 7:52 AM

The house looks great, and the town sounds awesome. Congratulations!
Does this mean we can look forward to some decorating posts in our fututre?

Krista Beth on 9:11 AM

It's gorgeous! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous on 4:58 PM

Congrats on your new adorable house- love the flower box!! I went to school in Providence and loved it. You'll love lazy saturday afternoons on Thayer Street, great shops and eats!!

Brian & Arika on 7:46 PM

This house is beautiful! Congrats!


OMG, congratulations!! We used to live on the East Side - we absolutely loved it, and I know you will, too :-)

Best wishes in your new home!!

meleven on 10:31 AM

Woo Hoo! High five! It looks great. I live just outside of Boston, and have several friends in RI. It's a gorgeous place. I hope you enjoy it!

Casie on 10:56 AM

This is my first time to your site, and it is wonderful. I am getting married in September of 2008, and I just started planning my wedding. That house is absolutely adorable. Congrats!!

Anonymous on 12:01 PM

Welcome Providence & Congratulations! I live in Providence and love it. You picked a great location!


joy on 4:37 PM

congrats! i just mailed you the mag the other day so you should have it soon ;)

Beth on 8:19 AM

It's perfect - kind of reminds me of the little girl's dream home in Miracle on 34th Street - all it needs is a swing in the backyard. Congratulations!