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favor boxes

favor boxes
This post over at Wedding Bee inspired me to find some DIY favor box ideas. I didn't have to look too far, as Martha Stewart Crafts had a bunch of pretty DIY favor box kits for sale. PaperMart is also really great for tiny boxes. You can get a whole bunch of them on the cheap, and then embellish them yourself with flowers, ribbon, stamps... however the spirit moves you. I've seen some really pretty ones that were stamped with a monogram, then tied with a ribbon. I forget where I saw that, but it sounds very Martha to me.


Suzanne Davis on 12:06 PM

Hi, just wondering how I can get in touch with you by email? Thanks!

platinum blonde on 4:12 PM

these are lovely

Nicole Kraft on 3:56 PM

I love the green & pink boxes! so cute!

Kate on 11:08 AM

These are so cute! I love the green and pink combo too....really pretty!