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Shark Tag
So the other day, I got Blog Tagged by Rhonda. Being tagged seems to come with a complicated system of rules, wherein, I have to publish 8 little known facts about me, then tag other bloggers. Sounds like fun to me! So these are my 8 things:

1) I live in small apartment on Seventh Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn with my husband. We both run our own businesses, and we both work from home. I don't think any two humans spend more time together than we do, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

2) When I have to leave New York, the thing I will miss the most (besides my friends), is crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by cab, looking back at all the lights of downtown, and feeling like I'm at the center of the world.

3) I know a lot about sharks. I'm very keen on shows about sharks, and all things sharky. I don't love sharks, in fact, I'm scared to death of them (see #5), I just really like to learn about them. Shark Week is like... my favorite week.

4) I spent a large portion of my childhood at gymnastics workouts. My favorite exercise was the floor, you can't fall off the floor. My least favorite was the beam, because it really hurts when you fall off the beam.

5) My greatest fear in life is being eaten by an animal.

6) I went to art school at Syracuse University having never taken an art class prior to my first day of my freshman year of college. I just thought it would be a cool thing to do.

7) I grew up in a small rural town in Northeastern Connecticut, there was nothing really to do there, so I left. Now, I wish for nothing to do.

8) My favorite thing to do is cook for the people I care about.

These are the bloggers I've tagged: Deirdre, Carey, Holly, Ms. Spinach, Erica, Karen, and Melissa.


Rachelle on 5:55 PM

Can't fall off the floor. LOL. Love it!

Laura on 7:57 PM

I loved this post! I didn't know you lived in Park Slope. Do you ever get a chance to pop into Rare Device? If not, you totally should and say hello!

Nanette on 8:30 PM

Did you see the Shark Week special on the jumping sharks? (Air Jaws, I think it was called.) Soooo cool!

Mackenzie on 9:03 PM

No way! I totally bought my sister's Christmas present at Rare Device. I got her this beautiful little round bud vase with a teeny tiny neck... it had a really fun golf-ballish texture.

oh, and jumping sharks? they complete me.

Melissa on 2:31 PM

Thanks for the tag (and for the excuse to procrastinate!)

Rhonda on 11:05 PM

Mackenzie, great list!

I can totally identify with the shark thing!

Sharks are my biggest fear but I can't stop watching them when they are on tv! What's up with that?!?