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clutching at clutches

roost clutches
I'd love to get my hands on one of these dress-up clutches from Roost in the UK. I believe (from what I read on their site) that they will ship to the US. I enjoy the patterned one especially, but they also have a blue option if you're in the market for something blue.


Blue Orchid Designs on 12:42 AM

I am loving the patterned clutch! So chic!

perfectbound on 10:27 AM

I love the idea of a clutch. It forces you to leave the cell and blackberry at home--where they belong. These are adorable.

SocialDesign on 2:03 PM

this is so fab. I need a new clutch badly. I definitely want something exciting and not boring black!

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions on 7:03 PM

I need one of these!

Leslie on 11:45 PM

What a beautiful clutch! That would be a great bridesmaid gift!

nay-k on 2:49 PM

I love these bags! thanks for sharing!