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I still get a lot of questions about those paper flower pomanders we made last summer for my sister-in-law's wedding. A lot. Because I get so many questions about how we actually made the individual flowers, I'm always on the look out for websites or tutorials that walk you through the making of different sorts of paper flowers. The truth is that when it comes to paper flower making, the sky's the limit. You're only limited by your materials and your imagination. That being said, you do kind of need something to start you off. Someone to show you just how easy it is. Then you can riff on your own, discover your inner flower artist. A few great starter kits can be found over at Martha Stewart Crafts (via Oh Joy!). One is for smaller, delicate tissue flowers, while the other is for larger hanging versions. Both methods will prove useful, and the larger flowers can easily be implemented at a smaller scale for use in bouquets or pomanders.


Nanette on 11:24 PM

Those MS kits are awesome, and actually not a bad price for the heartache it'd save the non-crafty folks like me. :)

hibbers on 5:20 AM

If you don't want to buy the kits, there are instructions here. Also some slightly different ones here. Buy tissue paper in bulk online and they work out much cheaper than the kits!

People St.Clair on 8:24 AM

Mackenzie I loved your posting of the paper flowers you made for your sister-in-law's wedding. Since seeing your post I've seen these at all types of events, I'm now inspired to make some myself Thanks!

willikat on 4:00 PM

i left a comment here the other day but it didn't post, i see. i'm making these for my wedding reception (backyard). are there places that you can buy in bulk in cool colors, or is it better to order online--and where?

Mary on 6:36 PM

For the not so creative types, you could buy them from us!

steve kendall on 12:39 PM

Love the flowers.... very sweet!