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colin cowie weddings

colin cowie weddings
People have been raving about this book. It was a little expensive, but I ordered mine today, and I will let you know how it is, (because I feel it is my duty). I have high hopes. Everyone says it's all gorgeous glossy inspiring photos of fancy pancy weddings. You know. Wedding porn.


Fresh Floral Art on 9:58 PM

It is on sale at Barnes and Noble: Regularly $45 On SALE for $19.99 on the front sale tables!

Laura on 3:21 PM

I have this one and I love it! Enjoy!

Rhonda on 4:56 PM

This is one of my favorite resources!

Anonymous on 9:34 PM

That's an older book, but its still great. The new book that everyone is talking about is called "Extraordinary Weddings," I think. It's a pretty hot pink suede number.

candy on 9:19 PM

got this book for my daughter she said it was a great book