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honeymoons: a fabulous tradition.

Somehow, even though I just got back from a vacation, I can't stop daydreaming about a teak bungalow on the water with a hole in the floor thru which I can feed tropical fish. I read about this place where you can do just that, plus get your breakfast delivered by canoe every morning, and snorkel off your doorstep whenever you please. I'm thinking this may be the an ideal honeymoon scenario, you know... if you like sunshine... and relaxation. That kind of thing.


Tristan on 10:22 AM

You know, I keep telling my friends that this blog reads my mind and then posts it on the internet... but you really did it this time.

Jillian on 10:40 AM

Boo to sunshine and relaxation! I want to be tense and in the dark!
J/K. It looks absolutely beautiful. Definitely something to consider for after the wedding.

Theresa on 6:10 PM

This place looks so beautiful! When I was planning my honeymoon I wanted to do some place relaxing with the ocean. We booked a cruise because it was very economical, but a secluded island or a fantastic resort would have been amazing! What a great way to start a marriage! Imagine being newly weds and just relaxing enjoying your own special time together forgetting the world.