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hemlock vintage
The vintage over at Hemlock Vintage Clothing is making me very happy. LOVE the white Sak's Fifth Avenue dress on the left, and the gold heels from yesterday would be perfect with the one on the right. They really are perfect for each other. It just goes to show that when it comes to love, age really is irrelevant.


Pencils on 6:26 AM

Those are amazing, but I am completely in love with the black cotton dress with gingham trim and the "Bo Peep" back on the same site. I've saved all the photos because I'm going to have a seamstress recreate it in my size. I've never seen anything quite like that dress!

SocialDesign on 8:05 AM

Great find!
Love the black gingham on the site.

barbierica1 on 8:22 AM

These are lovely. I actually gasped when I saw them!

punky on 11:29 AM

how pretty!

Kristi on 5:05 PM

Wow, those are drop dead gorgeous.

Blue Orchid Designs on 10:13 AM

I absolutely adore the dress on the right! So beautiful!

{RNVL} on 12:47 PM

These dresses are stunning! I'm completely in love with the yellow--what a great find.

lingz on 12:07 AM

Thanks for posting the site and especially including these images of pretty dresses!