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birthday get away

brithday weekend
I'm off to Connecticut for an extended weekend of grilling, swimming, and birthday revelry! Looks like twenty-eight is shaping up quite nicely so far... I'm assured by my mom that there will be both lobsters and frosting present, not together, but separately. I've been looking forward to this for ages, and it looks like the weather is going to be perfect. I'll be back to blogging on Tuesday. Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous on 5:14 PM

happy birthday! love your website!

Grace on 7:19 AM

Happy Birthday!!
Have lots of fun, and lot of hugs~

deardeedle on 7:30 AM

ooh! I am jealous! Have tons of fun!

Anonymous on 7:50 AM

Have a great weekend with your noodle!

Anonymous on 6:16 PM

Happy B-day!! Thank you for your fantastic website- I love to look at it every day!! It's the first site I go to when I have a free moment. It makes me HAPPY!!