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flowers in bulk

If you're looking to save money on flowers you might want to check out Grower's Box. Loads of different floral varieties are available in bulk, all waiting to be shipped to your doorstep, all you have to do is arrange them. Granted, not all of us have the time or inclination to create our own flower arrangements. Even if you are hiring a florist, consider supplementing with a box of 10,000 rose petals.


Pencils on 5:24 AM

I did my own flowers. Stuck to roses as I'm not great at arranging. Single-flower arrangements are easy and always look good. I used though, and they were great. The roses were huge and gorgeous. However, FedEx was six to eight hours late with the delivery (their fault), and some of my flowers were browned. It was after 6pm on a Friday and I didn't think to call Freshroses (the wedding was Sunday.) As it turned out, they might have been able to replace them, as they're three hours behind me in CA, but since I didn't call, they refunded me the money for the unusable flowers. They're a good company, I recommend them. It wasn't that many flowers, we just had fewer in a couple of the bouquets--no one noticed.

Anonymous on 8:40 AM

i was going to do this, until i realized that there were wholesalers & farm-direct florists in my area. also whole foods has surprisingly good deals on flowers & will do small weddings &/or personal flowers.

An Aquarian Thought on 2:16 PM

I just looked into buying wholesale flowers for my mother's wedding. I enjoy creating arrangements, but I think purchasing one type in bulk is cheaper... No?

willikat on 7:55 PM

do you know of anywhere i can get bulk silk or fake flowers? I want to make kissing balls for my reception.

Hollie on 11:26 PM

I am sad they do not ship to Canada :(

Anonymous on 7:22 AM

I used growers box, costco, and a local farmer's market vendor and did my own wedding flowers a few weeks ago. Growers box and costco flowers came on tuesday for a saturday wedding which gave them time to open up- the asiatic lilies took about 5 days to open. I was able to have a ton of flowers, and I love arranging flowers, so it was fun too. Took about two hours on the wedding day morning with help from some friends. I loved reading your blog while planning this year- I discovered it after I'd started my invites though.. yours are beautiful! Our marvelous photographer posted our greatest hits here:

Anonymous on 6:51 AM

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