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magnificent mermaid...

carolina herrera bridal '08
... or mermaid meltdown?
How do we feel about Carolina Herrera's new modified mermaid silhouettes? I don't quite know what to make of them. I could list what I think are their pros and cons, but I'm more interested in what you all think. Anyone try one of these on in person? CH's 2008 Bridal collection is so full of this shape (and she is such a bridal trend setter) I'd be surprised if other designers didn't follow suit. I'm wondering if this silhouette isn't the next big thing?


Tara on 10:27 PM

Not for me...I'm hippy enough as it is, I don't need a dress that accentuates them even more. Definitely not my taste.

Marie on 10:28 PM

I'd pass.
I'd rather a gown that flatters and not make me look like I'm made out of 3 layers.

Anonymous on 8:24 AM

I'd love the top left one if the bust didn't go up like 2 pair of devil horns. Def not the look you want your husband to be to see walking down the aisle. Run for your life while you can mister!

Deirdre Gill on 8:36 AM

I think I made a few versions of these out some sheets when I was 6.

Jenn on 8:45 AM

I like the idea of them, but not necessarily the execution...

Although I'm very drawn to the one on the top right!

citygirl on 9:42 AM

These start off great and then hit the knees and turn to crap.

Tali on 12:20 PM


Riannna on 12:34 PM

I think the one on the top right is kind of funny. It looks like she squeezed into a giant garter belt, and couldn't get it above her knees!

mar on 1:29 PM

Yeah, I agree with all other posts: not for me.

They start off great and end up horrible, not digging the ballooning effect. Sad, I usually love CH's stuff.

Pam on 2:23 PM

Looks like a fashion phase that brides will look back at and say "what was I thinking?!" kind of like that headband trend that looked like a sweatband in the 80s. Just a bad memory.

Lynn on 3:59 PM

I do not see these catching on at all. There are some good points, but the poof at the knees is bulky and looks hard to walk in. I do not think a new silhouette has been born.

Anonymous on 7:28 PM

Terrible! Those would be SO unflattering - on anyone!

Anonymous on 9:46 PM

ugh thumbs down

Anonymous on 9:56 PM

I like all of them as fashion/art but agree that for the average person they are not doable.

Anonymous on 10:20 PM

Fugly. And if it becomes the next big thing, than it just proves that brides are nothing but sheep and will do anything if a designer puts her name on it...

Chapel Bound on 12:33 AM

I hate mermaid dresses. Big thumbs down. (I envy those who can pull it off.)

Anonymous on 7:33 AM

I've seen this style at Modern Trouseau way before CH. It is pretty to me, but I have to wonder how it would look on a real bride.

Marita on 12:17 AM

well, i guess i am little bit more pro-mermaid than other people here. i agree, with my body, any mermaid that hugs too tight is not flattering, but some that skim along a bit more before flaring can be quite flattering. also, what i thought was EXTREMELY fun and clever with designs like the 4 you showed is having detachable lower portions! then your dress can become short for dancing! i'm not sure if these are all like that, but at least one of CH's was.