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the vesper dress

Anyone have anything they need to look impossibly elegant for this fall? It's called the "Vesper Dress". How perfect is that? I found it at my new favorite source for indie fashion, Smashing Darling. The designer (The 615 Project) also has something called the "Marilyn Dress" which kind of reminds me of that yellow number Michelle Williams wore last year, 'cept shorter. I like it. I like very much. I have a new thing for yellow.


Helen on 10:24 AM

I love the back but I think the boobs are fighting to escape from the frighteningly high empire sash. They just look a bit strange in the cowl there. Perhaps it's just the protruding nipple that's doing it.

Gorgeous colours though, and such an elegant back.

Natasha on 4:31 PM

I thought you might enjoy this new MICHAEL W. SMITH video. The song is featured on his new album STAND with lyrics written by AMY GRANT. Enjoy and please pass on to any who might be interested. Thank you.


J on 7:03 AM

Hi Miss Mackenzie!

Thanks so much for the kind words and yes, that dress is fabulous!!!! You have good taste and the darlings just love your blog. Keep up the good work.

(one of the Smashing Darling's)

Martin on 12:44 AM

I love your dress.

But the shoes you are wearing is invisible(covers it totally).

I have ordered
heels shoe
from for a dress, which is similar to yours. But
in my case the shoes are visible.