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chilly jilly

Chilly Jilly
Being someone who is always cold, I think this is the best idea EVAR. Called the "Chilly Jilly", it's small enough to fit in your purse, it's pretty (yet simple) enough to wear anywhere, it's wrinkle free (so as to be scrumpled up in the handbag), yet it's warm (made of ski gear or something). It's like we'll never have to tie a sweater around our waist ever again, which is great because that makes us look hip-y and we know it.
Great gifts for the 'maids.


bridalbar on 2:13 AM

glad you like them too!

Anonymous on 2:23 PM

Great find! I'm always cold too!
Love the idea!

Fresh Floral Art on 7:16 PM

Love this. A great way to have your arms free for movement but still feel warm. Love it.

Rachelle on 4:28 AM