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patterned paper lanterns

patterned paper lanterns
For only 9 bucks each, these 14" patterned paper lanterns are such a steal! I might consider hanging 3 or 4 in my kitchen. But I'd consider hanging A LOT more inside say... a wedding tent? Over a buffet table? Over a cake table? Over the head table? Over all the tables? I'm not sure if I would choose just one pattern and go crazy with it or if I would choose a couple patterns and mix and match. Maybe some solid colored and some patterned? I guess it would depend on the rest of your decor. Either way, there's a lot of bang for your buck here.


Sarah on 12:57 AM

Ooh so pretty...

Sarah on 1:07 PM

This seems like a dumb question, but how do you light them in a tent? Does each one need a bulb? Do you think I could just hang them and let them be pretty without a light source? The details of the wedding are starting to kill me. I'm so ready for the day to come... 6 weeks to go...

Helen on 1:58 PM

Gorgeous. Delicious. Delicious and gorgeous. Please may I have them all? Please may I pitch a tent just to hang them in? They make me very very happy.
You've such a great eye and a great finding ability!

bridget on 2:31 PM

I am going to try these things called balluminators. They are small battery operated lights that last several hours. They are designed to go in balloons but I have heard they work on lanterns as well. I think you buy them online in several colors. Good Luck!

Mackenzie on 2:47 PM

When we used them at my sister in law's wedding, we didn't light them from the inside, but we did use spot lights to draw attention to them
They were decorations in that case, not light sources.
Although, there is electricity supplied inside the tent, usually an outlet at each pole. If you wanted to you could probably light some of them, but you would need A LOT of extension cords.

Sarah on 7:54 PM

Thanks for all the info! I'll figure something out. The balluminators are cool looking!

Anonymous on 8:52 PM

Here's a cheap and easy solution: Use a cluster of LEDs, taped to small lithium batteries. This is just a version of an 'LED throwie'.

How-to instructions, including details on where to buy the materials:

Gypsy Purple on 11:38 PM

O wow...I love this!!!