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brides in bright dresses

Packham Spring Dresses
When can we start wearing colored wedding gowns? I only ask because the Jenny Packham dress on the right is my new favorite dress ever, followed closely by the green one, if only for the color.
Seriously, can we start a trend? How about brides in bright colors, and bridesmaids in white? How about EVERYONE at the wedding in white, and then the bride in turquoise? As long as it's all about the bride, right? Am I right? No? The who? Oh. The Groom. Right. It's all about him too, for sure. Of course.


Kathleen on 7:33 AM

I completely agree! I love wearing color...I was never even an all black wearing teenager, so the thought of being confined to just white for my no no! Love both of those dresses. We should definitely start a trend!

brendalynn on 11:12 PM

yeah! I've totally been considering going with a color dress (green, actually!) and having my bridesmaids wear white. I actually think that white being a mandatory bridal color is kinda recent--like Victorian? Before that, you just wore your best dress.

Anonymous on 4:35 PM

i am DYING for brightly colored wedding dresses to be acceptable! i mean why not? i am getting so bored of looking at white white white!

Lena on 9:32 AM

i agree 100%!
i really wanted to wear a color, but it didn't work out that way... i think color is so festive. i hope it becomes a trend!

Anonymous on 3:12 PM

im wearing a yellow and creme dress (mostly yellow) and im really excited about it. now i just need to find someone to make me a shrug/cover thing....any ideas???

cally on 9:08 PM

maybe it's an art college background but I know a lot of people who have worn coloured dresses and they looked stunning and went down really well with everyone except the more religious traditional elderly relatives, but even they kept their mouths shut on the day. One of the best was a crimson dress, it was stunning, and certainly solved the problem of bridesmaids sometimes out-doing the bride in the style stakes.

cally on 9:09 PM

Oh, and I agree with you about your new favourite dress, it's gorgeous!

snysi on 11:18 PM

does anyone know what the dress on the right is made from, like what material? :)
It would be much appreciated