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urban botanic

I have to recommend this... It's just too fun. Here's what you do. First you go online here and fill out a personality test, it's kind of like a Cosmo quiz. Then you choose 5 scents from a list of essential oils. A week later you get a custom custom blended shower gel or lotion, or whatever. One that's just for you. No one else. We all don't have to smell the same!
I did it. I'm very happy I did. The lotion has gotten rave reviews from the hubs. My blend is 3 parts tomato leaf, 3 parts cucumber, 2 parts white tea, and 1 park oakmoss. The Mister thinks I smell like babies and grass (freshly changed, freshly mowed). I'll take that as a compliment.
A big thank you to Kelsey at Urban Botanicals, who concocted my concoction. Well done Kelsey!


Kelsey aka MamaSpice on 12:16 PM

Thanks Mackenzie! I'm so pleased that you like the scent I made for you! :)

Anonymous on 7:29 PM

hi Mackenzie -

First, a big thank you for linking to Kakkoii Mono on your site - I check your blog, too : )

Did you order 3 scents, 5 scents, or the big 9 scent splurge? I've just taken the test and am feeling optimistic about smelling different (not differently.... well, maybe both.)

E F on 9:42 AM

like it