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dreaming of cake and sunshine

Spring is so far away, and I'm so over winter. It is suicide-watch dreary out today, and I can't even remember what "sunshine" is. I think, I think I know... but I can't be sure. Is it lemon flavored? Help me out here. I can't recall.
Here's something random.
I've lost my will to sauna. I used to sauna almost 4 times a week at the gym after a good workout, and it was heaven. My skin glowed. But now, in the depths of winter, when it gets dark at 2:25 in the afternoon, all I want to do is stay home, hole-up, and eat things. I'm really happy that I'm too busy to grocery shop, because then the eating things would be an issue. However, as it stands, I may feel like eating from 4 pm until bed, but the only sustenance we have around the house is coffee, half & half and Skippy, so I'm safe. It's a horrible combo. What? No! I didn't try it. Shut up.
I like to browse around the internet and look for cake when I have the winter blues. Nothing more cheerful than cake. These are from Sabrina Cake Alchemy, and they remind me that only March stands between me and April. Damn it, March!


Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy on 4:46 AM

I love your blog! The cake is wow!The blues and purples are divine! This is quite a cheery pick-me-up. It's raining, cold and dreary here as well-in California. Our spring comes early here, usually the middle of March-can't wait!

Janvangogh on 9:48 AM

I love the look of embossed fondant frosting.

jen on 10:55 AM

i sooo needed a goog giggle this morning - great post! i feel the exact same way - we got got another couple of inches earlier this week and are due for another 5 in the next few - and it makes me want to cry - i thought it was hormonal - but whatever - i am sooooo over it!!

Deirdre on 9:20 AM

I am going to blindfold and drag you to the Gym! It could happen at any moment...beware! The sauna just isn't as hot without you.