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When I was a kid, I had the goofiest hair accessories. Remember the giant poufy-padded-pink headband that squeezed your head so tight you would get shooting pains behind your ears? What about the plastic barrettes that would get all gunked up with hair spray from "doing your bangs"? Oh, and we can't forget about the scrunchies. I liked those so much, I layered them on my wrist for a "devil-may-care" look. I wore them up, I wore them down. I wore them all around the town.
I have a very clear memory of lip-syncing to "I think We're Alone Now" with my sister on the bus. I was wearing my poufy-pink-padded headband and my yellow "Teddy-Bears Doing Exercise" jogging suit. My bangs were permed into a phooooo. I was 11, and I was rocking that headband. Which, (if you're still with me), brings me to my point. Not since the poufy-padded-pink nightmare have I wanted to wear a plastic headband. Not since fourth grade. Not until today. Today, I'm getting one of these, and I'm going to rock it.