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fairy lights

I know that a lot of you are searching for alternatives to candles, as so many venues are not allowing them anymore. I thought I'd do a quick post about this company I spotted on Stylehive. Cosy Romantics offer a ton of fairy light options, in really classy colors and shapes. I love the wrapped twine ones, as well as the "Iris" style. I really want to try a strand of the flower ones under a glass dome as part of a center piece. I'll let you know when I road test that.


jen on 11:56 AM

gorgeous! this is what i love so much about your blog - the uses of such finery extend far past weddings!

Michelle on 2:13 PM

Unfortunately, it appears that site is down. Can't be found on Google either. I will keep checking. . .

mg on 4:27 PM

please, repost this when the site returns. they are too pretty!

Rory on 7:06 AM

Hi, thanks for your comments about the website, unfortunately I had to stop selling the lights because if illness but I'm going to start selling them again soon, if anybody would like to make an order you are more than welcome to contact me at


Anonymous on 5:39 PM

I now supply these lights on Etsy, please follow the link below for my shop: