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Remember a few days ago when I said that I forgot how to make the little origami finger game? I remembered! Well, I didn't remember, so much as a nice lady from the internet reminded me. You must visit her to learn her secrets.
If you live in the UK, you can visit the aforementioned website, Cox & Cox for these. But for us in the US, we must fend for ourselves.
Having been so excited about rediscovering this game, I came up with my own little template that you can download, print out, cut out and fold up*. I AM a huge dork, I know. When I was little, we played this game in the same way you might consult a "magic eightball". You always ask the game a yes or no question first, then you pick a number... and so on. Visit The Oracle, she'll show you how it works.

*When you go to fold up my template, make sure you start with the printed part facing the table. You also have to cut it out first, on the gray line.