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sweet and easy

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a week of extravagant eating! I'm in charge of the squash, the corn, and an appetizer at our family dinner. If anyone has any great recipes, let me know! Niko slept like a champion last night, so I just might have the energy to tackle some serious cooking this week. If however, you're lacking in the sleep, energy or money department, check out these fun cake shortcuts! I spotted these over at Amy Atlas's blog, Sweet Designs. You apply the decals to plain icing, and wha la!, instant designer cake! They're entirely edible... very sweet indeed! From Ticings.


Princess Christy on 6:29 AM

Appetizer - taco dip. Mix 8 oz. cream cheese with a jar of salsa, put shredded cheddar on top, and you're finished! (maybe not hte best turkey day addition, but it's easy and good!)

Amy Jo on 9:40 AM

Cake decals......what a brilliant idea!!!

Kelly on 9:42 AM

gorgeous! annnnnd bookmarked. :)


Olivia on 2:27 PM

I love that cake- so simple and pretty :)

Gabriela Cardenal on 10:48 AM

The cake is so yummy...Very decent color and design

Christine on 11:51 PM

pure genius! I like sweets, I like easy!!