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sweet pleats

I love this dress! How cute would this be in white for a honeymoon get-away outfit, or a rehearsal dinner? The collar is my favorite part. Available in a bunch of great colors - making it a no brainer for bridesmaids too! From Amanda Archer.


Abbie on 11:33 AM

I have one of her dresses! I ordered it in a custom color (kelly green) for my bridal shower and got loads of compliments on it.

Christine on 4:19 PM

I even love that it has pockets! sweet.

Amy on 9:16 PM

Great dress! I agree I love the pockets.

Carolyn on 8:33 PM

I have that dress in brown! I got it for a wedding I was in. Very comfortable and cute.

Dina on 11:56 PM

such a cute dress -- it would make a wonderful dress for those summer vacations!

Sidney on 11:11 AM

I LOVE that dress!!! The collar definitely steals the show!

mo on 5:47 PM

Now THAT is cute AND wearable!
It actually looks comfy!