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The most fantastic idea for an outdoorsy-type wedding favor. S'mores kits. Yup. Can't believe I've never seen this before. From Twig and Thistle.


Jeanee on 2:14 PM

That is so freakin' smart!!!

Conversation Pieces on 2:52 PM

That's a lovely idea... Although I have always wondered... what exactly are smores??

Marian on 3:13 PM

This is a lovely idea...and makes me drool;)

Katie Liz on 9:52 PM

We are going to be having an outdoorsey wedding and this is PERFECT!!!! Faboosh!

San on 10:27 PM

LOVE it!! Talk about the perfect favor!


Emily on 11:32 PM

I love love LOVE s'mores at weddings! My hubs and I had them as a main dessert at our wedding but I never thought of using them as favors. Way cute!

Holly on 3:02 PM

That is so awesome. I've never seen smores look so fancy!