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ruffles: no one can have just one!

New from J. Crew: The Streamer Dress. I love the minute ruffles, they give the dress such a great texture! J. Crew always surprises me with their willingness to experiment with new things!
Have a great weekend everyone!


orangekisses on 4:33 PM

oh my - absolutely beautiful! love it! jcrew hits it right on the spot all the time!

Anonymous on 5:56 PM

Hmm, not sure about this one. My shower curtain is made of the same material, but swirls instead of stripes!

Suzanne on 11:55 PM

so cute!

Gifts Philippines on 10:41 PM

Oh! what a beautiful dress is that! I love it. Wish I can also have that kind of dress. I am sure it's really suits for me. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


Mauryn on 1:31 PM

I have to say that lately I am consistently pleasantly surprised by J Crew Bridal designs. I like...a lot:)!

wedding packages on 9:37 PM

This dress is so pretty, elegant and classy.I like the really give the dress such a great texture!