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I got an email from Parker over at Wedding Jojo today, offering a free year long membership for one of my readers. I don't normally do contests, but I was really impressed with the features and thoughtfulness of the design options offered on with their service. They offer a free option, but the features are limited, and you only really have one design template to choose from. If a wedding website is part of your plan, consider the more comprehensive plan - looks like they've thought of everything!
If you'd like to enter to win the free year-long premium membership at Wedding Jojo - just leave a comment below by noon (EST) tomorrow, and I will announce the winner (chosen at random) on Thursday.
Good luck!


Korcz Family on 12:54 PM

I LOVE Wedding JoJo. My cousin just used them for her wedding website and was very happy.

Nikki on 1:04 PM

This is amazing! I never knew it existed! I would like to enter, please!

Sarah on 1:05 PM

I would love this for my out of town wedding! My guests are coming for all corners of the US for a weekend packed full of fun! Horseback riding, Fishing, Camping, Carnival Games, Dancing, food and fun! I was hoping to use a website to offer my guests the FULL experience! Thanks! I will keep READING!!!!

beth on 1:06 PM

I would LOVE to win a year subscription to Wedding JoJo... with a small budget this expense doesn't make the cut, but would great!!

Colleen on 1:42 PM

Please enter me...seen their work and love it!

Kristen on 1:46 PM

My little sister is getting married next year; what a wonderful gift this would be! Beautiful site.

Al on 1:48 PM

Wow - I'm in the process of trying to find a wedding website host. This definitely looks like the nicest one out there!

Almost Her on 1:48 PM

OOoh - lovely! Count me in!

LilHippie on 1:49 PM

This would be perfect! We plan to start our wedding website very soon, so this would be perfect timing. Plus, I'm not gonna lie, I've totally been lusting after the forest theme. Perfect for our wedding!!

CC on 1:50 PM

this looks like it would be awesome to use! thanks for the opportunity!

Mary on 1:52 PM

wedding jojo seems great to tell our story to our super large families and keep them updated on our progress and wedding activities!

Stephanie on 1:56 PM

I would LOVE a website by Wedding JoJO!

KerriJune on 1:58 PM

I had never heard of this service before...but if looks great and I would love to win a free year of service! thanks so much!

Lauren on 2:00 PM

what a great service! the templates look super chic (particularly sunset!) thanks for the opportunity!

Parisian at Heart on 2:01 PM

This looks great! I need to set up a website. Thanks :)

melcam on 2:09 PM

Oooh..these are so nice and such a refreshing change from the same old wedding site. I would love the chance to win this subscription! I otherwise will have to go with some free boring one.

stigg100 on 2:12 PM

Wow! I've been meaning to get a website started since we will have a destination wedding with people flying in from both coasts and the Midwest. It'll help us keep track of all the details and let the guests know of the weekend full of activities we have planned :-)

angelica on 2:21 PM

This is awesome!! I am marrying to geeky/techy guy and loves this site. We agreeded that this would be an alternative way of sending our invites. We are crossing our fingers ;)

Jessica on 2:27 PM

i'd love to enter. their work is very clean and user-friendly... i love it!

Jessica on 2:29 PM

That would be totally awesome! I have been trying to DIY this and it's, well.. not working out.

Lindsay on 2:44 PM

What a great prize! We would love to win!

Mandy on 2:50 PM

This looks great. I'd love to sign up for it.

Gretchen on 3:12 PM

A wedding website provider that isn't cheesy? This is a find!

Ashleigh on 3:23 PM

Oh my gosh, the Forest theme is perfect for my woody, DIY wedding! I've signed up for like six free sites and just never loved any of them yet, design-wise. Crossing my fingers!

loren weltsch on 3:48 PM

the design are so adorable! sometimes i wish i could get married all over again!

AmandaKeeganPhotography+Design on 3:49 PM

A wedding website would be so great. all the "free" sites are so not our personality. I love the "mist" design.

Cassie Mary on 4:06 PM

Looks wonderful! I'd love to win this one for sure. :)

BEL on 4:24 PM

So lovely! and perfect timing, i'm looking to make our website soon!

diana on 4:28 PM

We would love to win this! Just got engaged a month ago and we were thinking to set up a website soon!

shirlee on 4:38 PM

I've been trying to find wedding sites that I loved and this looks wonderful!

Hillary on 4:43 PM

wow. this is so wonderful. i haven't really loved any of the free sites i've seen and with my budget wedding, just can't afford to pay for a site. we're using our web site for RSVPs and a lot of information to help cut costs and one of these sites would just be so amazing! i'd love to win this one.

CariSue on 4:46 PM

so cute! Hope I win!

Jayers on 5:14 PM

It looks so cute! I would love to have them do my wedding website:)

Kristen on 5:19 PM

This is great! Thanks!

marie on 5:35 PM

definitely a great opportunity. thanks!

Nicky on 5:44 PM

A Wedding website would be such a great idea for us as we are getting married up in the hills and will need to provide a lot of maps!


Jess on 5:47 PM

Those are pretty. I'd like free, please!

Catherine on 6:45 PM

yay weddings! yay websites! yay good wedding websites! count me in.

Erin Donohue on 7:51 PM

OOOOOOOOoooooooooooohhhhhhhh we soooo need help with this!! The groom and I are completely techno-challenged!!

Sarah on 8:15 PM

We are planning a hometown wedding the only problem is my fiance and I now live hundreds of miles from home. Our friends are spread all over the country and a wedding website is the perfect way to keep everyone up to speed in real time.

Miss Viola on 8:18 PM

Absolutely adorable.

I've been searching for a wedding template website for awhile and I haven't seen anything as cute as Wedding JoJo. So cute!

I'm crossing my fingers that I win! :)

Lindsay on 8:27 PM

I could totally use this! YAY!

Jessica on 8:36 PM

We need all the help we can get to put our wedding plans back on budget! Thanks for this chance!

Erin on 9:59 PM

What a wonderful idea! I didn't know Wedding JoJo existed. I'd love to be entered :-). Thanks!!

caroline on 10:55 PM

what a great idea! sign me up!

Anonymous on 12:22 AM

Yay. I have always wanted a wedding website! Great giveaway.

Anonymous on 12:23 AM

Yay. I have always wanted a wedding website! Great giveaway.

Anonymous on 12:23 AM

Yay. I have always wanted a wedding website! Great giveaway.

Anonymous on 12:23 AM

Yay. I have always wanted a wedding website! Great giveaway.

Anonymous on 12:23 AM

Yay. I have always wanted a wedding website! Great giveaway.

LeannH on 1:54 AM

ooohhh, i'm in love with sky template. so cute! i'd love to enter the contest.

rachbgood on 6:59 AM

Such a great design, much better than other templates I have seen!

Rachel on 7:37 AM

Ohh yes please!

Jessica on 8:55 AM

I'd love a wedding website. :)

Miss Love on 9:40 AM

Wow! Wedding Jojo has unique wedding website templates. They are definitely better than any other subscription service that I have seen.

Brielle on 9:43 AM

Enter me please!!!
Their websites look amazing!

Anonymous on 9:55 AM

The first one is lovely.