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birdy bowls

With so many couples choosing a bird or a woodland theme for their wedding, these bird bowls would make a great gift - for the couple or the bridal party. I love the lacy looking set. From Prince Design UK.

*I just closed comments on yesterday's post. Thanks to everyone who commented. I will announce the winner tomorrow! Good luck everyone!


Dynamite Weddings on 12:51 PM

The ring bearer could even use one to carry the rings in. These are super cute!

Conversation Pieces on 1:42 PM

Very cute :)

Charlotte Wedding Photographer on 1:48 PM

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

Pencils on 8:55 AM

They are very sweet. Along the same lines, I recently saw that Bridgewater Pottery, a British ceramics company that I love, has dove-shaped candleholders.
I'm very, very tempted! Especially since I need to order a set of their baby stuff for my baby daughter.

Glitzer on 2:15 PM

Such cute bowls! Lovely designs, absolutely fabulous ideas! Love them!

Picasso Perfect Photography on 4:44 PM

how cute!!

Picasso Perfect Photography

Teresa on 8:43 PM

Gorgeous. I want both sets.