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Perhaps I'm the last to know, but I just discovered Spoonflower, an online custom fabric printer that allows anyone to print yards of fabric of their own design. As a pattern obsessed person, this is huge for me. I could literally spend the next 3 days doing nothing but making fabrics, printing swatches and ordering yardage. I have a stool in my entry way that desperately needs reupholstering, and have not been able to find suitable fabric. Spoonflower! I have patterns I love that I've created for wedding invitations, and have been dying to find alternate uses for them. Spoonflower! I'm sure more than a few of you might be interested in this for wedding decor. Think table cloths, flower girl dresses, DIY projects, centerpieces... the possibilities are endless. The fabric gets pretty pricey if you needs lots of yards, but if you want only a couple yards to create accents - the price is right!


Candice on 12:44 PM

Um, WOW! I totally didn't know about this site. If I had, I would have gone nuts ordering fabrics that included the design elements from our invitations! It would have been total design overload! Okay, maybe it's better that I didn't know about it :)

jenny_leigh on 12:33 AM

i love spoonflower! i get their weekly emails and its fun to vote on the fabrics.

Laur on 9:53 AM

There is also - I actually just got my first order in the mail from them last night and I was super trilled with it. I still want to try out Spoonflower is see how they compare, but I'm sure I'll use Fabric on Demand again soon.

courtney on 5:12 PM

I can't wait to make some of my stationery designs into fabric. Thank you so much for sharing this!