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taking care of business

Taxes? Done! New pattern? Finished! Sleepin baby? Check!
Next I have to find a wedding/housewarming gift for my good friend who's getting married this fall... I love the embroidered goodies from September House (via Decor8) and I think I might just go for one of those adorable monograms. Last on the list is grocery shopping and vacuuming. Confession: I haven't vacuumed since the baby was born.


Heather on 12:06 PM

Cute! Your house sounds so relaxing and I sit here at work wanting to be home. :)

brooke @ claremont road on 12:49 PM

vacuuming is overrrated! :)

brooke @ claremont road on 12:49 PM

(Rather, overrated... I spell pretty.)

Anonymous on 5:12 PM

these look beautiful. love the hand broidery.. very personal touch to use these for weddings

Corinne on 5:07 PM

Thank you for featuring me here on your gorgeous blog!
And, hey, you don't really HAVE to vacuum until they start crawling, right? ;)