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feeling sleepish

I know, I've been missing. I'm sorry. The picture above says more than I ever could about why. I don't normally do photoshoots when my child is in distress, but he started to protest as I was taking his picture. Between the little guy having gas issues and work, I'm just barely keeping my head on straight. Do not despair, I will not be making a habit of this slacker schedule with the posting, I just have to get a nap and then... hlkdishfapoifwlasd... ooops sorry, I fell asleep whilst typing.


Chantel Deitz on 12:40 PM

I wanted to share a amazing little product that helped me with my daughter and her gas problems. I tryed everything to help her and couldn't find anything till i stumbled apon these at Safeway one day so i thought i could give it a try. They are amazing. They are made by Hyland's the are called Colic Tablets. They are all natural which is great. You give them to them one at a time and let them disolve in there mouth. I would give her one and then put her binkie in her mouth. It usually took about four to make her feel better and stop crying. I know they are colic tablet but they were amazing in helping me and her. I hope this helps you. God Bless.

Amy Jo on 1:01 PM

Even screaming his head off he's adorable :)

I hope you get a good nap and I hope the gas situation gets better. Hang in there!!

A. Marigold on 5:18 PM

Awww, hope you get some rest soon!

angelica on 5:41 PM

AWW He is too adorable!!!! Don't worry I haven't disappear......

Pencils on 9:09 AM

Your readers aren't going anywhere. And don't worry, it does get better. Then it goes back, then it gets better, then it goes back...yawn. My daughter is twelve months old and has been waking in the night again.

Anyway, what a precious little boy! He's adorable. And I love his little baby feet--is there anything better than nom nom noming on little baby feet? And they love it too.

erin on 3:14 PM

No apologies necessary! I've been there, too...just remember, this only lasts about...a second...and then they're 4...and you wonder how that flew by *sigh*

He's beautiful, by the way...even while he's screaming :)

DrGilmore on 3:14 PM

you'll get through!

my best friend has the gasiest child ever. she got some drops that she just puts in her bottle, and seriously WOW. all natural, but seriously best invention ever.

jan on 6:16 PM

oh how sweet!

Pencils on 9:02 AM

And are you sure it's gas? My daughter had reflux, but she almost never spit up--she's like her mommy in that way, I have acid reflux but never get heartburn. Anyway, my poor little sweetie would scream and arch her back after eating, she was obviously in terrible pain--it made me feel helpless and useless. I called the pediatrician and he called in a prescription for liquid Zantac. It was like night and day, we had our sweet baby back. It's just something to think about. Good luck!

cathyswraps on 1:09 PM

Best advice I ever received. . . when they sleep you sleep. Forget the laundry, forget the housework, forget the blogging. We'll all still be here when you get up. Said a little prayer that mister gets sleepy soon. So cute.

Anonymous on 10:28 PM

Dr. Brown's baby bottles also really help with gas. No worries, about posting, this fan isn't going any where. Take care of yourself. :)

Anonymous on 8:11 AM

Beautiful blog and inspirations.

neva on 3:16 AM

aww :D hope you get to rest soon. hugs to the little guy!

NuFlaiir on 10:13 PM

He is way too cute!!
No need to apologize...we totally understand.


Chris on 11:02 AM

Oh my oh my-- I TOTALLY am there with you. My little man is 4 months (my first) and this morning I feel so tired I might not make it to noon. Of course he just fell asleep and I should be too but I have to master that because I feel compelled to do everything else that I have ignored the last months. Oh well. He is adorable even screaming, doesn't it sort of break your heart?

Laila on 5:14 AM

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I Don't on 7:34 AM

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